Strength, speed and agility are what make Plimsoll Marine the Southeast's leading pushboat operator. Offering you 800 to 1800 HP, our nimble fleet can handle lash cargoes such as rubber, coffee, aluminum ingots and Defense Department products; river barges carrying coal and coke, grain, fertilizers, alloys and iron ore; as well as derricks and dredges. In addition, Plimsoll is one of the leaders in handling barge movements on the Lower Mississippi River, benefiting the large barge lines that are able to turn their boats farther upriver, achieving faster turn-around for their equipment.

On the Mississippi River, our operations extend from Mile 300 AHP to Mile 40 AHP. We also cover the waters of the East Intercoastal Canal from the Industrial Locks to Panama City, Florida. While our area of operations is susceptible to hazards such as high water and fog in the spring and low water and high winds caused by tropical depressions in the summer, Plimsoll offers its customers superior service year-round, rain or shine.

With challenging waters like these, experienced pilots and crews are as important as horsepower and versatility. And our knowledgeable navigators are the best in the business.

For added efficiency, we also act as a broker for a number of independent boat owners and can call up as many as 25 additional boats quickly and easily.

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Clayton Brunet
Assistant Vice President
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Ed Laurendine
Senior Vice President
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