Break Bulk

    Cooper/T. Smith’s ability to handle break bulk has put us far ahead of the competition. With state-of-the-art equipment and automation, we move break bulk cargo with ease and efficiency.
    All neo-bulk products are handled by Cooper/T. Smith on all three coasts of the United States. This presence, along with our equipment and experience, gives us superior strength in the stevedoring field.

Crescent Towing

    More than just a source of raw engine power, the strengths of Crescent Towing extend past the water’s edge to include over half a century of customer satisfaction, a superior performance and safety record, top-of-the-line equipment, skilled captains and crews, plus highly trained service and support operations.
    From our first purchase in 1942 to our latest custom designed tugs, Crescent Towing has a well-earned reputation for superior service.

Midstream Operations

    Our round-the-clock operation north of New Orleans transfers cargo and equipment directly onto international vessels. We also speed imported cargo inland.
    Whatever you are shipping, we can provide all the necessary equipment and expertise. Our cranes and floating elevators offer you the most modern multiple crane operations on the Mississippi.
    All of our floating elevators provide weighing, sampling and blending midstream. And we can shift elevators to any of our berths, ensuring round-the-clock service.
    Innovative equipment. Round-the-clock service. Fleetings adjacent to all berths and anchorages. Expert personal supervision and cost-efficiencies. It’s no wonder Cooper/T. Smith dominates the midstream industry.


    At the Port of New Orleans, Cooper/T. Smith Mooring provides complete professional mooring services. These services are available at all terminals, city-front docks and midstream facilities, from the mouth of the Mississippi River to Baton Rouge. Operations and personnel are coordinated by our dispatchers 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
    Cooper/T. Smith Mooring operates a large fleet of launch boats and vans, all dispatched from our central office at Algiers Point.

Steel Division

    Cooper/T. Smith’s experience in handling steel cargoes is as strong as the product itself. Our diversity and expertise in handling steel cargoes can be attributed to our superior equipment: heavy floating cranes on Mississippi River and shore cranes in ports throughout Texas and Alabama. We pioneered the technique for loading steel directly from ship to truck, an innovation that has set industry standards for the efficient handling of all steel cargoes.
    Our presence and experience on all three coasts make Cooper/T. Smith Stevedoring the obvious choice for handling steel cargo.

Grain Operations

    After years of success in transporting grain and its by-products, Cooper’s Grain Operations have cut a huge swath in the competition: in the last fifteen years alone, we have handled over 60 million tons of grain.
    Our Grain Operations are the fastest, most cost-efficient midstream transfer operations in the world. Our fleet includes two midstream grain rigs in Darrow, Louisiana. Over ten miles of river is dedicated to ship berths and barge fleeting for over 500 barges. Cooper/T. Smith loads million tons of grain products per year for top U.S. grain exporters. Cooper’s operations work like America’s farmers and processors: seven days a week, 24 hours a day, always ready to serve.

Cooper Marine & Timberlands

    In the tradition of all Cooper Companies, Cooper Marine & Timberlands has utilized strength to build one of the largest woodchip systems for both domestic and foreign markets. We cover every dimension in the sale and production of woodchips. Our mills, yards, pushboats, barges and port facilities allow us to truly become a lowest cost operator for the forest products industry.


    Containerization has brought more changes to the maritime industry than any other development in the history of shipping. Our operations on the east coast, central gulf and west coast supply highly qualified supervision and labor to create and develop systems to increase terminal production.
    All of our operations are equipped with state-of-the-art worldwide EDI links and real-time container location systems. Because our customers always come first, Cooper/T. Smith keeps abreast of new technology in the containerization and intermodalism fields. This has helped us help the carriers of the world improve their terminal production and turnaround, and is the best reason to choose Cooper/T. Smith as the stevedore to handle your containerized cargo.

CSA Forest Products Stevedoring

    A strategic alliance formed in 1999 between Cooper/T.Smith Stevedoring and SSA Marine, CSA Forest Products Stevedoring offers the best of two world-class companies to forest products and break bulk operations on the Gulf Coast. CSA includes Terminal Operations for loading and unloading rail cars, trucks and river barges as well as an Equipment Division to service all of the gear, equipment and maintenance needs.


    International Logistics Company, Inc. offers the knowledge, expertise and transportation network to provide supply chain management and multi-services packages including barging, warehousing, rail and truck services, and stevedoring for all types of cargoes.
    All documentation, reporting, inventory controls and on-site management is included in one all-inclusive rate for the entire year.

    Specialized Rail Transport is your single source for all your rail transportation needs. While we specialize in rail transportation, we can partner with any of our many contacts all over North America to help you find the best solution to your transportation challenges. With over 120 years of combined transportation experience, the SRT team understands all phases of Heavy Rail Transport.

Cooper Restaurants

    In 1997, Cooper/T.Smith acquired the Ruth’s Chris Steak House franchise in Mobile, Alabama and subsequently went on to open Felix’s Fish Camp Grill and Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Ridgeland, Mississippi, near Jackson. In 2010, the BLUEGILL Restaurant, a Mobile Bay Causeway tradition since 1958, was acquired and re-opened to rave reviews. The success of this division has prompted us to pursue future expansion in the hospitality industry.

Foreign Operations

    Cooper facilities in Central and South America provide innovation and equipment allowing us to serve the world. Our barge-mounted cranes can be sent virtually anywhere in 45 days or less to meet your needs. Extensive experience in handling bulk, break bulk and containers allows us the flexibility to adapt to any type of stevedoring operation. At Cooper/T. Smith, we pride ourselves on the ability to operate globally, and are always ready to apply this worldwide experience to our customer’s individual needs.