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"T.H. Kelly" Assists Ship in Distress

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"T.H. Kelly" Assists Ship in Distress

On May 7, the crew of the T.H. Kelly came to the rescue of vessel Uncle Robert on the Mobile River. While on the lock turn at Industrial Lock, the crew noticed billows of smoke coming from a boat across the river. Pilot Jeremy Edwards called out to them on the radio. The pilot of the Uncle Robert explained that their engines were down and they had a fire in the engine room. Immediately, Captain Glenn Hilburn sounded the general alarm and set course for the distressed vessel. 

Just as the T.H. Kelly arrived, the stern of Uncle Robert slammed into a nearby empty barge. Captain Hilburn, Pilot Edwards and deckhand Cody Ragland cranked up their ship’s fire pump and pushed the Uncle Robert’s tow north before it could come in contact with the ship’s bow. The ship’s tow was secured with wires and lines, and the crew of the T.H. Kelly remained on standby until the situation was under control. 

Our crews go above and beyond. Thanks to the crew of the T.H. Kelly for their heroic efforts!

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