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Darrow Employees Aid Capsized Boat

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Darrow Employees Aid Capsized Boat

Around 11:40 a.m. on October 4 in Darrow, Louisiana, Cooper Consolidated’s Maintenance Manager Ronnie Turner received a call from a sand pit company at Mile 180 of the Mississippi River. The company reported that a fishing boat had just overturned, stranding two men in the murky water. Ronnie immediately contacted crew boat operators Edwin Belin and Jeff Johnese at Mile 180. Hopping aboard the Wesley S with two team members from the America, Tommy Flanagan and Andy Scherer, the Cooper Consolidated crew sped into action. Upon arrival at the overturned fishing boat, they found the two men clinging to a navigation buoy — one wearing a life jacket and the other without. The Wesley S crew safely pulled the two men from the water and returned to shore where they were met by local Sheriff deputies and an ambulance. Due to the timely response from our Cooper Consolidated team, these two lives were saved!

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