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Blakeley Boatworks Celebrates Anniversary

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Blakeley Boatworks Celebrates Anniversary

Blakeley Boatworks celebrated its three-year anniversary in December 2017. The operation is responsible for servicing fleets from Cooper Marine, Crescent Towing, Plimsoll Marine and Crimson Shipping at its facility in Mobile, Alabama, between the Mobile River and the Cochrane Bridge Causeway. Blakeley has grown to become a leader in the region for the repair and retrofitting of all styles and sizes of tugboats, pushboats, safety boats, barges, and just about any other type that floats in. 

The facility operates from six land-based work areas (boats and barges are raised from the river using a travel lift), five shore-side staging areas and one dry dock. Additionally, five hanger bays are on site, with Bay 1 housing the supply and carpentry shop, Bay 2 dedicated to pipe fitting and CMT supply storage, and Bay 3 is reserved for the in-house maintenance department that helps keep both Blakeley and Chipco up and running as well as supporting repair operations for the fleet. Bays 4 and 5 contain new boat construction to support the growing demand for sub-chapter M-compliant vessels.

Congratulations to the crew at Blakeley Boatworks, and keep up the good work!

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