We Are Cooper/T. Smith

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Since our company's founding on February 5, 1905, Cooper/T. Smith's success has been, and continues to be, a product of our team of relentlessly hardworking and passionate employees.

We Are Cooper/T. Smith was a campaign first established in the 1980's when Cooper Stevedoring acquired T. Smith and Son, and thus formed Cooper/T. Smith. With so many new faces joining our team after the acquisition, our company made it a top priority to define what is meant to be a Cooper/T. Smith employee. During the initial We Are campaign, words like trustworthy, ethical, reliable, motivated, attentive, persistent, energetic, dynamic, professional, curious, and skillful, were but a few of the adjectives used to describe our team members. That campaign helped illustrate what we all already knew, that Cooper/T. Smith employees are the best in our business.

Decades after the original We Are campaign, our employees work in some of the most strategic locations and ports in the world, utilize the newest technologies known to our industries, and operate the most advanced machinery in our business. However, while our cranes, tugboats, barges, technologies, machinery, and buildings may be the tools we use to accomplish our work, it's our people that make us the premier service provider in our industries, it's our people that ensure we're adding value for our customers at the highest level, it's our people that ensure our teams are industry leaders in safety and compliance, it's our people that have made our company great since 1905, and it's our people who will make our company great for decades to come.

We Are Cooper/T. Smith is a testament that it's our people who move this great company forward everyday. Thank you for being a special part of our family.

-Angus III and Scott

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